BT Industrial Supplies & Engineering
We are here to help


We have two mottoes that reveal our whole approach to the customers we serve:
"We're here to help!"
"How's that for service"

B.T. Industrial Supplies strength is based on our reputation as a fast friendly and reliable
company who is prepared to offer a twenty four hour service.
B.T. Industrial Supplies was established in September 1986,
at that time our product range consisted of pump gland packing
and mechanical seals.

We managed to obtain the distributorship for the "MOLYSLIP" and "SPANJAARD"
range of products which included: Anti seizes compounds, specialised
lubricants, degreaser's etc… In October 1987, the company had
grown progressively, we were able to offer an over the counter service
as well as having a show room to display our products.

We were approached for the distributorship
of  a locally manufactured end suction centrifugal pump:
SAMCO Pumps - A range of pulp, [paper, and chemical pumps completely
interchangeable with the ALLIS CHALMERS pumps but
manufactured here in South Africa.

We purchased a number of machines: Lathes, milling machines etc…
Now we could offer one stop shopping for
our customers, Anything concerning the engineering sector.
B.T Industrial Supplies and Engineering

2016 See's our 30th  anniversary and thanks to our dedicated staff and our
loyal customers we are proud to still be in the Lowveld servicing our
clients, but now we are equipped to offer even more products and services.

We invite all our old and our new customers to pay us a visit and see for
yourselves what machinery and equipment we have to do the work you
have entrusted us to do.
Come share in the knowledge that B.T Industrial Supplies and Engineering
is a company that one can rely on no matter how big of small your work
may be