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Quality Policy

The Management and staff  of   B.T Industrial Supplies and  Engineering are committed to
Ensuring customer Satisfaction.

This is achieved by:
-Determining the real need of the customer
-Establishing an enthusiastic, dedicated and skillful staff with the capability and commitment
to produce the specified product at the right price and deliver it within the  agreed time constraints.
-Focusing on methods to continuously improve all processes in order to reduce costs and             enhance quality.
-Continuously studying the market in order to keep abreast of current trends and changes,
thus maintaining a competitive advantage.
 -Creating  a company wide quality, culture and awareness.
-Meeting or exceeding all safety requirements
-Maintaining an effective quality management system in accordance with the
requirements of ISO 9002,9014
-Management will encourage and supply the necessary tools for the implementation and
maintenance of a healthy and safe environment
-Conform to all legislation in regard to safety, health, environmental and quality